NEC Resolutions


                                          Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad
                                          National Executive Council Meeting
                                              24-25 Dec. 2012, Patna (Bihar)
Resolution No. 1 -
Terming Assam Riots as simply communal riots by Assam and central government and congress MP’s; and holding local residents responsible for the same and putting entire blame on them is meant for encouraging illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh. NEC of ABVP strongly condemns this stance of the government and congress party. It is a fact that the illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh are fully responsible for the recent riots in Assam. All the local people including Bodo, Coch, Rajbanshi’s, adivasi’s and Bengali’s in Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri district of Assam have been continuously attacked and their land has been grabbed by these infiltrators. During riots 500 houses were burnt and 4,48,000 people were displaced. 298 relief camps have been started; 78 have lost their lives. This itself is enough to expose the dreadfulness of the riots. As a result Raza academy under the garb of slogan of atrocities on minorities organised a violent demonstration in Mumbai, in support of Bangladeshi infiltrators on august 11, 2012. During these demonstrations lady police and media person were attacked fatally and efforts were made to threaten the students and workers from north eastern region living in different parts of the country and force them to go back by the supporters of the Bangladeshi infiltrators. As a result of these demonstrations the people from the north eastern region started going back home from cities like Pune, Hydrabad, Ranchi, Bengaluru etc. Amar Jawan Shahid memorial was attack with hammers and desecrated by kicking at it, and Pakistani flag was hoisted by the demonstrators. These incidents have shocked the people of the country and have exposed the dreadful face of the infiltrators and their preparation to go to any extent. These incidents have shaken the entire country and have increased the worry of the people, looking at the seriousness of the threat. These incidents have exposed the antinational intentions of the rioteers. ABVP demands that a high level enquiry be conducted and culprits be punished severely. ABVP congratulates the nationalist citizen of the north eastern region along with the respected citizens of above mention cities who through their help and affection played an important role in maintaining integrity of the country.
On the other hand political parties like AIUDF and Congress have encouraged the infiltrators for the sake of vote bank, by terming the incident as usual communal violence. ABVP deeply condemns the patisan action of arresting Bodo leader instead of infiltrators by the Assam government and disapprove its partisan role in treating the Bodo tribal who are fighting for the protection of their land. This violence by Bangladeshi infiltrators is ment to create fear in the minds of local residents of the region and drive them out of their home and hearth and capture the land and forest and also influence the politics, which is a part of a long hatched conspiracy.
Anti India student organisations like All Assam Minority Student Union (AAMSU) and all Bodoland minority student union (ABMSU) are playing important role in these riots along with AIUDF. The violent elements in these organisations have flared up the riots under the garb of bandh. Hand of the element of these organisations in killing many Bodo youths, burning of houses and plundering has been exposed. On the other hand Assam and Central governments by not taking direct action on anti national forces are seen to be supporting them. ABVP has observed that in the name of post riot rehabilitation, appeasement is made by establishing infiltrators in a large number in the riot hurt areas of Assam. Decision of Bodo territorial council to make land ownership compulsory for rehabilitation was strongly opposed by the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators attempted bloody assault on government offices and police personnel’s in relief camps in Bilaspada of Dhubri Distric. This has proved that their aim is to establish the Muslim infiltrators in large number in this region...
As a result of long term infiltration in addition to Bodo tribal land they have occupied Kaziranga park and 5,548 Bigha land of the religious Satras. In BIT area alone the infiltrators have illegally occupied 236000 Bigha land. This process in still continuing, last year 48 Rhinos were killed in Kaziranga National Park and their horns were smuggled out of country by the infiltrators.
Keeping all these facts in mind this N.E.C. of ABVP puts the following demands before the central Government for implementation, as early as possible.
1. Fencing of the international border be made as early as possible to stop infiltration from Bangladesh
2. Security to the students studying in various parts of the Country be provided.
3. National Register of Citizenship should be updated.
4. List of the voters should be examined and the names of the infiltrators be deleted and they be deported out of the Country.
5. The infiltrators are holding land documents and identity cards, they be properly scrutinised.
6. The land, that of forests and Satras illegally occupied by the infiltrators be freed and acquired again.
7. Proper protection be provided to the citizens of the Country and save their sovereignty, culture and life and property, who have become minority in their land and their migration be stopped.
8. It has been found that some infiltrators are living in the relief camps, their credentials be checked and take proper action against them.
9. Organisations like AAMSU and ABMSU be banned immediately.
10. All the terrorist organisations sponsored by Bangladesh and ISI in the area be banned without delay.
Having sensed the seriousness of the ongoing threat to the national security, the Central and the state governments should look at it seriously and therefore take action against illegal Bangladesh infiltrators and send them back so that the riot like situation be avoided.


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